Saturday, 8 May 2010

Final Images Issues

Issues began to arise a week before deadline that my images arent right for a 'fashion photography' degree submission.
(they new my images were going to include illustration weeks and weeks before) Apparently my images are fashion illustration not fashion photography and to guarantee a pass i have to make the illustrations more transparent...
ermm? ok.
i kinda feel like there just not open for change or diversity. here??
I dont know what to do.
Should i summit something im not proud of?
Should i summit something that is good for them but not for me?
and whats the point in using illustration but it looking bad?
any suggestions. ?
or any questions?

1. is what i want to submit ( although the contrast was much higher before)
2. is what they think i should submit.

just to add
  • Ive submitted illustration & photography before and i got praise not drama.
  • its for a fashion context so why isnt it a fashion image?
  • is it not contemporary fashion photography?
  • is it not the same as overly photoshopping stuff? editing random stuff in?
  • Ive used my photography & art directional skills gained from the course?
  • what boxes havent i ticking?
  • what difference does it make if they are transparent or not?